This is kindly to transpire you, that the business module of the company which was active and running, has been completely stopped because of technical glitches and legal constraints.

As we were not justifying it legally so informed all the concerned departments regarding this and now intimating to all of our business associates not to continue with this business module any more. Therefore, all of you are beseeched that neither to deposit any amount in company's bank accounts nor to deal in cash with anyone. If at all any transaction is being done by you, company is not going to be responsible for this. It should be badly inculcated in the mind of everyone.

Last but not least we are very much thankful to all of you for extending your kind support and patronisation to us and sustained a lot.

Only the business module has been stopped but the company and management is still there to manage the funds and return back the balance given amount to the associates whose given amount (package) are still pending with us. But as per the present market scenerio it is taking time.

Yes offcourse running business module has been stopped but the objective of the company is still alive and in order to achieve the objective company is promoting their LEARN TO EARN PROGRAMME as company has been tied up with 2 media company to promote their sterling and traditional business, because ultimately the objective of the company is to generate the traffic and we are very much working on that and we will prove ourselves in days n months to come.

Thanks for your Perseverance.

On behalf of STG Media Pvt Ltd Management

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